A course for East Anglia, that is experiential and ecumenical

The Aim of the Course is to provide an opportunity for course members to grow in spirituality and personal development. Through shared experience, participants will be challenged to a deeper awareness and effectiveness as they help others discover what God is doing in their lives.

The Course Members  will be a group of up to twenty people who are engaged in one-to-one prayer or listening. They will be open to growth, willing to share at a deep level and ready to accept supervision. They should have a mature faith, be emotionally stable and be prepared to bring responsible and wholehearted commitment to the Course.

The Course Programme  runs from September 2019 to March 2021. It includes three mid-week residential periods and fourteen whole days. Course Days are usually on the first Thursday of each month. The Day begins at 9.30am and ends at 4.00pm. See below for course dates.

Methodology  Prayer, reflection, discussion and discernment will be used alongside input and practical exercises in this experiential course.

The course will explore the nature of Spiritual Direction; individual faith journeys and spiritual pilgrimage; listening skills; images of God; different traditions of spirituality; the interface between spirituality, gender, personality and human development; and the practical skills needed in Spiritual Direction.

The total course fee is £1,200. A deposit of £200 is required. The course may be paid for in full or in a further 20 monthly installments of £50 by direct debit. Ministerial grants may apply. Fees include all  accommodation, food and refreshments.

Course residential dates 17th-19th Sept ‘19, 15th-16th Jan ‘20, 15th-17th Sept ‘20

Course day dates 2019 - 3rd Oct, 7th Nov, 5th Dec; 2020 - 6th Feb, 5th Mar, 2nd Apr, 7th May, 4th Jun, 2nd Jul, 1st Oct, 5th Nov, 3rd Dec; 2021 - 7th Jan, 4th Feb, 4th Mar

Application forms are available by ringing or emailing the course administrator using the details on the contacts page.